April 2022 Updates: Boost Features and Airbnb Policy

April 2022 Boost Updates
April 2022 Boost Updates

We have updates aplenty: The Boost user interface now offers exciting new features and enhancements; plus our partners at Airbnb have announced changes to their refund policy.


Boost user interface updates

You may have noticed a couple of exciting new features/enhancements in recent updates to the Boost New UI. While we plan to release more detailed information next month, we wanted to give you some quick highlights of the features now. Take a look at these links to see what’s new:


Listing setting page

Airbnb channel settings page


Airbnb refund policy changes

Airbnb has made us aware of recent changes to their refund policy. If you list properties on Airbnb please make sure you note these changes. The time period for guests to report issues has been extended to 72 hours from discovery of a travel issue. And, in response to host feedback, some language has been removed from the policy. Please use these links for additional details:


Rebooking and refund folicy

Helpful FAQs

Community center


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