Bluetent Adopts Always On SSL

By January 18, 2016 October 3rd, 2016 SEO | Inbound Marketing, Strategy, Websites

Security is imperative to the success of every website, especially websites that host private, encrypted data. And at Bluetent, because the security of our client’s data is vital, we consistently update our websites to include the newest, best security protocols. Therefore, with great enthusiasm, Bluetent is now adopting Always On SSL (AOSSL) as the default for our new websites.


This adaptation ensures that Bluetent will always use a secure HTTPS protocol when building websites. Every page of our websites will now be secured with SSL. All pages will be treated as if they handle sensitive information. And all data passed between the web server and browsers will remain private and integral.


Ensuring security and credibility on the internet requires diligence, careful research, and agile adaptation. And as leading web companies, like Google, transform their security practices, it’s imperative to transform along with them. That’s because, updating your web development practices greatly improves your brand and bottom line. Simple security improvements not only increase your website’s power, they can also improve its search engine rankings and make the site more appealing to users.


In the past year, Google has openly stated that websites with AOSSL and HTTPS will rank higher in search results. And when a user comes to your site and sees this nice green HTTPS padlock,AOSSL-padlockthey will be much more likely to trust your brand, engage with your site, and book with you. Therefore, although adapting AOSSL to all our websites will take significant development time and detailed URL manipulations, we know that this change will have lasting benefits.


Success in the modern digital space is multifaceted. Powerful marketing and sound web development are not mutually exclusive. Instead, they constantly work together to drive growth and revenue. Proper development protocols and clean code improve your website’s usability, visibility, and rankings in search results.


Ultimately, it comes down to quality. If your website is secure and easy to engage with, more users will come to your site, search engines will like you, and your business will succeed. At Bluetent, we build premium websites for our clients and adapting AOSSL ensures quality and security into the future.


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