Bluetent is now the only Preferred Partner of Airbnb and Premier Provider for in North America.

By February 15, 2019 February 28th, 2019 Distribution, Strategy

Bluetent’s Rezfusion Boost is the only platform to be named both a Preferred Partner of Airbnb and a Premier Provider for in North America.


Bluetent is pleased to announce that we’re now a Preferred Software Partner of Airbnb and a Premier Connectivity Provider for! We’re proud to be the only software to achieve this dual designation – an affirmation of our tireless commitment to excellence. Rezfusion Boost provides property management professionals with the top performing software-integrated connection to both Airbnb and


While our team is excited to be recognized for our accomplishments, we’re even more excited for the opportunities our new designations afford our customers. Professional managers using Rezfusion Boost can be confident of:


RELIABLE & POWERFUL API TECHNOLOGY. Experience unrivaled, reliable channel management built on 12+ years of successfully engineered software-integrated listings. Our proven platform gives you the utmost of confidence to list on Airbnb and


ROBUST CAPABILITIES & INCREASED FUNCTIONALITY. Stay in control of your strategy with Boost’s tool set, which offers you the ability to modify pricing by channel, the freedom to create custom booking rules, and more.


INCREASED EFFICIENCY. Eliminate the need for your team to manually update listings with our quick, hands-on setup and ongoing support.


MAXIMIZED REVENUE. Effectively leverage Airbnb and to compliment your direct booking strategy, acquire new guests, and maximize your occupancy and revenue when you need it most.


“We are thrilled to be leading the industry in giving professional vacation rental managers options for how they sell their properties. Airbnb and have been such great partners for Bluetent and our clients. Our goal is to be the most effective pathway for managers looking to thrive on Airbnb and This milestone is a huge signal that Bluetent is ALL IN and we are very optimistic about opportunities for professional managers to work within the Airbnb and ecosystems.”


— Peter Scott, President

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