Bluetent partners with premier WiFi solution StayFi

By May 25, 2021 Strategy

StayFi is vacation rental WiFi system that collects valuable guest data. They make it easy to brand WiFi, collect guest data, and maximize your revenue — all while providing a better WiFi experience for guests.   


For the last few years, Bluetent has teamed up with StayFi to use the collected guest data to run a strategic and automated email marketing program.    


How does it work? Using StayFi’s customized WiFi splash pages — a page that appears when travelers attempt to access your WiFI — vacation rental managers can collect guests’ email addresses by requesting they provide an email address to sign onto the WiFi system. By gathering this information, vacation rental managers can then run strategic email marketing campaigns, such as 

  • Send information emails about what you do in your area. 
  • Promote add-ons and additional services to maximize revenue. 
  • Ask for guest reviews. 
  • Re-target past travelers for their next stay. 

Let’s dig further into how StayFi works with Bluetent’s email marketing program. As mentioned above, once a traveler gives their email address to access the WiFi in your vacation rental property, Team Bluetent adds them to your list of subscribers. The guest then automatically receives a “Welcome Email” — triggered when they initially sign-on to the WiFi. Those welcomes emails historically receive open rates in the 60-70% range — that’s significant!  And once your guests are added to your email subscriber list, those emails can opt-in to your overall email marketing program, receiving future promotional emails and newsletters.   

Teaming up with StayFi offers Bluetent Insiders a unique opportunity to grow their subscriber list and increase the effectiveness of your overall email marketing strategy. Don’t just take our word for it! Royal Destinations — a vacation rental company in 30A — has been working with both Bluetent and StayFi to implement this program.


The results? Royal Destinations installed StayFi in 40 homes and in the past 30 days collected 600 valid emails.

For further details on StayFi, check out their website or read this recent article from VR TechIf you’re interested in getting started, connect with Team Bluetent for further details on our partnership.