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By November 2, 2022 November 9th, 2022 Distribution

Mobile Rates

with Booking.com

Increase your bookings by 22% on average: Add a mobile rate to convert more customers.



Travel is up for fall and winter – in some places, back to pre-pandemic levels. What’s different is how people book their accommodations? A growing number of bookings are now made on mobile devices. In fact, Booking.com was the most downloaded online travel agent app in 2021 – and mobile accounts for 59% of all bookings made on the platform.



Capturing a growing traveler segment


Booking.com data shows that, on average, properties that offer a special rate to customers on mobile have a 3% higher click-through rate from search results and 22% more bookings from customers on mobile. So if you’re looking for a powerful pricing product to supercharge your summer, the Booking.com mobile rate is it.


All you have to do is offer an exclusive discount of 10% or higher for mobile users. If it sounds like the right pricing product for your business, you can easily implement it directly through the Booking.com platform. You will be able to block 30 days per year when the rate won’t be offered to customers, and you can opt out at any time.


Visit Booking.com to learn more about how mobile rates work.