Don’t be a Grinch! Tips for Holiday Campaign Planning

By November 21, 2013Strategy

As the end of year quickly approaches, here are a few ideas to keep in mind as you plan for the holidays.  Happy Planning!

hockeygoal 1. Identify Your Goal – Once you have an understanding of your customers and audience, you should then choose a goal.  Are you having a special promotion or giveaway? Are you thanking your customers and guests?  Are you simply promoting your brand? Also identify which holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, etc.) is best for your company.

letterflat2. Choose the Marketing Channel – An analysis of your audience will help identify which channels choose to pursue for the marketing campaign.  I highly suggest Social and Email as both build customer engagement and relationships.  To prepare your strategy, make sure to update your editorial calendar so you have a plan.  Then get to work on writing content, schedule for publication and launch!  Once launched, all you’ll have to do is monitor and respond appropriately.  Planning and content is often the hardest part.

flatclock3. Be Realistic – It’s easy to bite off more than you can chew but take into account your resources including time and budget when planning the holiday campaign.  If you start planning now, think about an initiative that you know you can get done effectively on time. This year K-Mart takes the cake by airing the earliest ever holiday ad 105 days before Christmas.

flatbox4. Be Creative – And think outside the box.  This is really an opportunity to set yourself apart and truly show your customers and guests how much you appreciative the partnership.  Do send the same cards year after year? Mix it up!  Inspiration channels are great, remember Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and also, think of what you, yourself, would like to receive.  What’s something that’s a little out of the norm.

searchflat 5. Think Search Engines – Your holiday campaign is no time to forget those pesky keywords.  So while you’re creating your campaign, keep in mind what your customers and or guests might be searching for related to your brand and optimize your campaign accordingly.

flathelp 6. Ask for Help – More often than not, you have team members who love planning for the holidays.  So ask!  I’m sure someone is excited and eager to help with campaign planning. If you need any additional help planning, our Strategic Account Managers are available to consult and happy to do so!  So don’t be shy, reach out to

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