Enable Booking.com Quality Scores to drive more reservations

By November 9, 2020 Distribution

In 2019, Booking.com introduced a quality rating system for homes and/or apartments that are listed on their channel. The ratings are similar to the star system that already exists for hotels on Booking.com. 


Prior to the quality rating system, potential travelers weren’t able to search for homes and/or apartments based on allocated stars through Booking.com. To improve their value to travelersBooking.com designed a new system that helps guests easily find properties that match their requirements.

Quality ratings are based on an algorithm that takes into account factors such as: the completeness of property info on the Extranet, cleanliness review scores, and more. Unfortunately, most property managers can’t take advantage of this feature because their listings are missing key information. We’ve reviewed listing data for our Rezfusion Boost users and found that many of our customers are not providing Booking.com with the following content: 


  •  Listings size (square footage) 
  •  Bedding configuration 

To show a quality scoreat least one of the above must be provided. You can learn more about the quality scores by logging onto the Booking.com Extranet here. 


If your listings are not currently eligible for scoresTeam Bluetent recommends logging into Boost to add the missing information. Not sure how to add room configurations in Rezfusion Boost™Click here