Facebook CTA’s, New Twitter Cards and LinkedIn Mentions

By April 15, 2013Social

Facebook Allows Call-To Action On Cover Photos

The news is short and sweet: Facebook silently changed their cover photo policy. A call-to-action (CTA) such as “Like our page,” “Download a free sample,” or the ever-subtle “Buy Now” are now allowed – as long as the copy doesn’t cover more than 20% of the image. This creates a bunch of new possibilities. Read all about call-to-action on Facebook cover photos here.

Twitter product cardTwitter Introduces 3 New Twitter Cards

Quick recap: Twitter cards were first introduced as “expanded tweets” – and that’s basically what they are. The technology enables extensions to tweets that feature rich content. There were only three twitter cards available so far: Summary, Photo and Player/Video. The newly introduced Twitter card types are App, Gallery and Product. To enable Twitter cards, you need to add some HTML code to your webpages. Then, if someone posts a link on Twitter to one of your products, for example, the tweet will have a nice looking “card” attached that is visible to all their followers. This is an attractive feature making tweets stand out! Here is a developers’ guide for twitter cards. Need assistance? We’d be happy to help set it up.

“Mention” Connections On LinkedIn

All major social media platforms like to mimic their competitors’ functionality. Now LinkedIn introduces the ability to “mention” your connections in status updates. It works similar to Facebook: When you start typing in the name of one of your contacts, a drop down menu will appear from which you can select the person or company that you want to address. Your connection will receive a notification that it was mentioned and can jump on the conversation to reply. This new functionality is supposed to help you to start conversations and will also make it possible for you to reply quickly to updates that were directed at you. Here is the full blog entry about the new LinkedIn “mention” functionality.

Vine Posts Can Now Be Embedded

Vine, you might remember, is an app for the iPhone that enables you to shoot short looped videos and share them with the Vine community or on other social networks. The video creation process is super easy and fun. Now, Vine makes it possible for you to embed your loops in websites. For that, a new “Embed” function was added to the app’s menu. (Click the “…” button.)

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