Google Vacation Rentals: Q&A with Braeden Flaherty, Bluetent’s Chief Product Officer

By April 14, 2020 April 23rd, 2020 Distribution, Strategy

Curious about what Google Vacation Rentals can offer your business? Unsure of the changing online travel marketplace? We asked our Chief Product Officer, Braeden Flaherty, to answer some commonly asked questions regarding Google Vacation Rentals. Check out his insights below. 

What makes Google different from online marketplaces such as Airbnb and

Google is unique for many reasons. It treats property listings as search results. When a potential traveler sees your listing and clicks “book now,” they are directed to a landing page or checkout form that resides off the google platform. That means when customers book, they’re booking with your vacation rental brand, not Google. Policies are much less restrictive, and you have the reins, allowing you to put your brand first.   

How is this different than my Google Ads and PPC initiatives? 

For now, the platform isn’t monetized, so there is no requirement (or ability) to bid on placement. However, things evolve, and we anticipate that Google Vacation Rentals will fundamentally change how vacation rental companies interact with Google to promote property listings. 

How will my vacation rental brand be represented on Boost’s connection to Google? 

Prominently. We have been working directly with Google to ensure your brand is in front of travelers at the very beginning of the search experience. Customer success and the growth of our customers’ brands have always been a core principle of Bluetent’s product design. Google has been receptive to our suggestions to modify account structures to allow every Bluetent customer to represent its brand. Initially, some customers’ brand experience may be limited to the checkout page, but we’ll be transitioning all customers as soon as Google’s product allows. In the meantime, those customers ’listings will have a subtle Bluetent logo on listing previews in search results. 

Can you describe what the user experience will be like on Google Vacation Rentals? 

Travelers can search for lodging on Google by date and can choose between hotel rooms or vacation rentals. Once searching vacation rentals, users can find their perfect property by filtering by criteria such as review score, amenities, occupancy, and bedrooms. During the search experience, potential guests will see a property image and key property details along with your vacation rental brand. They can click through a full image gallery and detailed property descriptions while on the Google platform. From the detail page, the traveler can see pricing information and a “book now” button. Once a potential traveler clicks “book now,” they’re directed to a branded checkout page, featuring your vacation rental brand. Once the transaction is completed, the booking is sent into the property management software just like a direct booking website. 

Why should I go with Rezfusion Boost™ to connect to Google Vacation Rentals? 

Rezfusion Boost™ offers your vacation rental brand a direct connection from Google to your property management software. Consistent improvements to our platform, like the addition of Google Vacation Rentals, are yet another reason the best in the business choose Boost™. Our product team is constantly innovating and ensuring our channel management and web platforms fit the growing needs of our Bluetent InsidersSigning onto Boost™ gives you the chance to put your logo on Google Vacation Rentals, right next to the big guys. And you’ll have to power of Team Bluetent behind you to make sure your listings are optimized on the platform. Bi-monthly webinars and in-market “Boost Camps” are just a few Insider benefits your business gets with Bluetent. 

Interested in learning more about Bluetent’s channel management tool, Rezfusion Boost™? Connect with our team today to see how you can incorporate Boost™ into your vacation rental brand’s booking strategy.