Hurricane season is here: 4 ways to keep travelers and guests informed

By August 30, 2022 September 12th, 2022 Content, Email, SEO | Inbound Marketing, Strategy, Websites

With hurricane season underway, it’s important for our Insiders in storm-prone areas to have their communications ready to go. Below, Bluetent’s experts share four easy ways to get crucial information to travelers and guests.



Deploy a notification banner on your website

Bluetent's Rezfusion website give vacation rental brands the option of deploying notification banners. These appear at the top of your home page and can be enabled site-wide as well. For storm announcements, we recommend deploying site-wide. By choosing to show the alert every time a traveler visits your page, you can be sure potential guests will see the most up-to-the-minute information — making you a trusted resource!

Create a "hurricane" category on your blog

Bluetent's experts recommend that Insiders in storm-prone areas have a "hurricane" category in their blog setup. It's best to keep the hurricane category hidden unless a storm is imminent (to keep from alarming travelers when conditions are clear) and then activate as the storm approaches. Use your blog to post updates – then connect those posts to your notification banner (Tip #1 above), social posts, and email communications.

Add brand-building content to your webcam

If you have a webcam and there's a storm approaching, you'll likely to get a HUGE influx of traffic as travelers are trying to view conditions. Use the visibility! Add brand-building content to your webcam to teach people about your services and create trust!

Most importantly: send more emails!

With a storm on the way, there's no more important time to communicate with not only guests but homeowners, too. From generic updates to tips for filing insurance claims, be in touch and be of service. Stay tuned for a future blog post where we'll explore these emails in more detail!

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