MozCon 2013 Recap – The Evolution of SEO

By July 16, 2013 April 2nd, 2014 SEO | Inbound Marketing

MozCon 2013 is over, and we’re trying desperately to recover from the excruciating pain. Between the world-class speakers, the luxurious rooms and the joy of getting to experience Seattle in the summer, it almost made the exquisite chef-prepared lunches seem bearable.

For those of you who don’t know, MozCon is an “SEO” conference held in Seattle every July by the company MoZ (formerly SEOMoZ). The reason I put “SEO” in quotes is due to the main theme of the convention. The concept of SEO is radically changing, as is  the industry as a whole. Thus, Search Engine Optimization no longer exists. In its place is Search Experience Optimization which encompasses a much more vast array of talents, making our jobs even more challenging (as if they weren’t enough).

Anyway, I’ll leave the exciting SEO-related topics for another blog. Instead, I want to show you a silly picture:

Shown Above (from left to right): Matt, Roger MozBot, Dan

This is Roger Mozbot. He has an adorable red puffball on his head as well as square-shaped corneas, which probably explains why he’s staring at nothing in particular. He also takes great pictures! Now if I could just edit Matt out of it…

After a hug and a picture from Mozbot, we got to try out Moz’s new analytics system. Once again, I won’t blast you with SEO lingo, but let’s just say that it turned me into a giddy nerd (as if that transformation hadn’t already occurred). Afterwards, we were encouraged to take a bunch of free gifts including a nice t-shirt and a book by the CEO of Moz, Rand Fishkin.

All in all, the conference was a huge success. With the changes to the Google Search Engine as well as the increased number of people trying to rank for the same keywords, the conference was a nice breath of innovation and inspiration. One we desperately needed as an industry.

We have a quattuordecillion takeaways from it, which we’ll be looking to implement immediately. However, our clients only need to know that we’re on the same page as the most respected people in the industry and that we will never be satisfied until all of our clients achieve nothing short of world domination.  As long as they give us a cut.

I’ll end this blog with one last silly picture. Enjoy!

Daniel McKey is an SEM Account Manager for Blue Tent (pending review of this blog). If you’d like to see other blogs written by him, you can view them here.

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