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By December 11, 2013Design
Creative Design for a Jeep

Awhile back, one of our long time clients, Mark Westman from Telluride.com, came to me with an unusal request, “Pimp my Rubicon!”  Well, maybe his exact words were more along the lines of, “I’d like to get my new jeep wrapped with the new Telluride.com logo.  Do you have any ideas?”  Either way, it was a unique & exciting request for an internet marketing company.

We had recently worked with Telluride.com to redesign their logo and were in the progress of redesigning their website.


Mark had received mock ups from another company that were not as thrilling as he hoped.  So our creative team went to work.  Tom Kenyon, our Creative Director, who recently designed the Telluride.com logo, created a clever way to wrap Mark’s jeep.  Basically, we felt there were 2 approaches:  1) Go for a corporate look and make the red oval icon smaller to fit on one door.  However, we felt this was pretty boring, hard to pull off with a colored jeep instead of a white or black vehicle, and it didn’t feel very Telluride-ish.  2) We could go for the team car type concept (think pro-challenge team/chase cars) that would be bold and fun.  We thought this fit the personality of Telluride and the jeep much better.


With a couple minor tweaks requested by Mark, the mock was finalized and sent off to the decal company.  A few weeks later…. taaadaaa!

Creative Design for a Jeep

Recently, Mark told me that he didn’t drive the jeep enough… guess who was his first volunteer!

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