Rezfusion Boost™ Users: Easy-to-use booking report for all your channel bookings

By August 6, 2021 September 19th, 2021 Distribution, Strategy

There are new exciting changes coming to our Boost™ platform!


As part of Boost™ new user interface*, you can now easily run a comprehensive booking report to see your bookings from all the channels you distribute to.   


This is exciting news! Reporting is critical to evaluating the success of your listings on OTAs and can help you target areas of important. This comprehensive and updated bookings report can be filtered by the following:  

  • Reservation Status 
  • Unit Name 
  • PMS ID 
  • Channel or PMS Confirmation 

The report can be exported to a CSV file so you can quickly sort and filter the information to meet your reporting needs.  In addition to these fields, the report also contains pertinent booking information such as booking, arrival and departure dates as well as financial information including rent, fees, taxes and Boost™ commission. 


Unfamiliar with the new Boost™ interface? Bluetent’s product team has been hard at work creating a new user interface that addresses the needs of our Boost™ users. Currently the interface is available for the following channels: Vrbo, Google and HomeToGo. 


If you do not list on these channels or don’t have access to the new user interface, click here to contact our Support Team who can set you up so you can utilize the new booking report.  To learn more about the New User Interface, check out this article in the Insider Knowledge Base.  



*The new interface is available for the following channels: Vrbo, Google, and HomeToGo. Airbnb is up next!