Rezfusion Boost™ Users: Your frequently asked questions & how to solve them

By September 9, 2021 September 10th, 2021 Distribution

We checked in with our Support team this month to find out what recommendations they have to help you — our valued Bluetent Insider — be successful on the Boost™ platform, as well as what requests for help they receive most frequently. This is what they told us, and bonus, we’ve also included the resources to help you resolve these most frequently asked Boost™ questions: 

Log into Boost on at least a weekly basis and do two things: 

  • Review the status of your listings on all OTAs 
  • Be sure all your bookings in Boost are also in your PMS 

How do I send a new unit live through Boost? 

How do I make changes to amenities? 

How do I start to troubleshoot an inactive listing? 

  • This article provides a great resource for how to troubleshoot an inactive listing.

The information and links above are great starting places for managing your Boost account but if you need additional help or have other questions, you can always submit a support ticket ( ) or email our Client Success team ([email protected] ). .