Three email messages to share with travelers during COVID-19

By March 26, 2020 COVID-19, Email

As companies large and small have responded to the Coronavirus pandemic, consumer email inboxes have flooded with their messaging. It’s been overwhelming: even companies you’ve only interacted with once, maybe even years ago, are in your inbox again with uplifting messages or – worse – sales pitches. After a week or so of reviewing email after email, a pretty clear list of do’s and don’ts has emerged regarding Coronavirus messaging. Our ace team of email marketing experts has a few email marketing do’s for you to consider. 

DO keep your owners informed. 

Times are uncertain, and now more than ever you need to be communicating with your owners. Take a page out of Village Realty’s book and send your stakeholders updates on local regulations and restrictions. 

DO communicate with your guests. 

You can send various types of emails to your guests, but the important thing is to be genuine and empathetic. Discuss local restrictions and be upfront about your cancellation policy — encourage guests to postpone their trip and reschedule for the future.

DO send inspirational emails. 

We could all use a little inspiration right now, and frankly, probably a vacation. Send an email showcasing a beautiful beachfront property or fresh power on the slopes. Let potential travelers know that even though they’re staying at home now, your properties will be waiting for them when ready.


Now is the time to remain consistent with your messaging. Remain empathetic and genuine, your guests will remember that when it comes time to book again.  And if you need help curating your messaging, Team Bluetent is here to help. Hop on the phone with one of our email strategists to find solutions that are right for you, your team, and your destination.  

This article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.  We are not experts in epidemiology or healthcare professionals.  We expressly disclaim, and you acknowledge and agree, that we and our affiliates will have no liabilities or obligations to you in any way in connection with this article.
The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are monitoring the situation in real-time, and while much is still unknown about how the virus spreads, both organizations have issued guidance for preventing exposure to respiratory illnesses, as well as planning considerations for places of business.  It is our position that these organizations are the best resources for up-to-date, science-based information about the Coronavirus disease. We share links to some of this information below.
 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Resources:
Find rolling updates on the virus, workplace readiness, basic protective measures, and press briefings.
• World Health Organization 
Find information for businesses, interim guidance, and frequently asked questions about the virus.
• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention