Tips for Creating a Goal-driven Annual Digital Marketing Plan

Digital marketing should, without a doubt, be part of your overall marketing plan for 2020. However, deciding which digital marketing strategies best match your business goals can be daunting – especially with the new year right around the corner. Answering a few key questions can help get your juices flowing and steer you in the right direction.

How do people find your business online?

Think about how your potential guests get to the “book now” button. Knowing the digital path travelers take on the way to booking one of your properties helps you pinpoint exactly which digital marketing strategies are working for your business (dig more into e-commerce tracking here). 


Which digital marketing strategies are most important for your business?

Each business and every market is different. That means that not all digital marketing solutions are right for every business. Evaluate your unique business goals, availability of resources, and employee expertise before launching a new annual marketing plan. 


How are you planning on measuring the success of your digital marketing plan?

There are plenty of different ways to measure digital marketing success. It’s important to recognize the factors that matter most to you, your team, and your investors when crafting an annual plan. Whether it’s increased brand awareness, greater search engine visibility, or more direct bookings, make sure you know your goals and desired outcomes before you start. Don’t forget, digital marketing strategies like PPC and SEO don’t yield results overnight! It takes time for those investments to start making a difference – and for Google to pick up on your efforts.


How can you plan for the seasonality of your business?

Your digital marketing initiatives should be planned and built with the seasonality of your business in mind.  Consider the answers to the following questions:

  • How long before arrival does a guest book?
  • How long before booking do guests begin to search?
  • When do your in-house resources have the bandwidth?

What’s your budget?

Because of business seasonality, it’s best to think of your digital marketing budget on an annual basis, not a monthly one. Then, you can determine a reasonable amount of time and money to invest in your strategy. Remember, consistency is key! The most successful digital marketing plans aren’t a ‘set it and forget it’ strategy. A healthy investment in your digital marketing strategy requires ongoing monitoring, analysis, and budgetary adjustment. 


Are you ready to get started? Connect with our digital marketing experts to review your goals for the new year. If you’re interested in learning more, we’re slated to give this presentation during the 2020 conference season. Check out Bluetent’s event page page or sign up for our newsletter to see where we’re headed.