Build goodwill — and your brand — on World Compliment Day

By February 23, 2022 Content, Email, Social, Strategy

What is World Compliment Day?

Compliment Day was originated in the Netherlands in the early 2000s by Hans Poortvliet. The success of Compliment Day in his home country made him decide to take the feel-good initiative worldwide and make March 1st “The Most Positive Day in The World.”


On his website, Poortvliet urges that the compliments and notes of appreciation be in words only, not in gifts. This distinction means that anyone and everyone can afford to take part: the only thing it costs is a little bit of intention.


How can I spread the love — and, in turn, get love for my brand — on World Compliment Day?

Even if they blush, most everyone loves receiving a compliment! Take some time on March 1st to say thank you to your staff, homeowners, guests, and community.


  • Launch a social advertising campaign targeting past guests.
    Show your past guests that you are honored to have provided the backdrop for their memories and look forward to their next visit.
  • Create (and promote via social media) a blog post featuring local businesses.
    Your business community is the foundation for your success. Share what you love most about your favorite businesses in a post on your website.
  • Send a personalized email to your homeowner list.
    Compliment homeowners on their exquisite properties and thank them for entrusting those properties to your care.
  • Send hand-written notes to your staff members.
    With busy season right around the corner, you’ll need the full energy and support of your team. A personal compliment — or even a public thank you in your weekly meetings — will likely mean more to them than you know.
  • Show support for frontline workers by running a thank-you special.
    Give the heroes of the last two years a discounted rate code for future vacation rentals.

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