Updates from Bluetent Support and Client Success: let us help you!

By July 6, 2021 September 19th, 2021 Distribution, Strategy

The Support and Success Teams at Bluetent are eager to help you with questions, issues and problems when they arise.  To be more effective, we need your help!  Here are a few ways we can work together to improve communication and reduce the time it takes to resolve any issues. 

Know who to call or email.

Our support team will handle all technical issues, website issues, Boost configuration issues, booking errors or questions and more.  As your first point of contact, our Support team will work with you or direct you to our Success team who can help you further.  If you want to add or change services, have questions about your account or need training or non-technical help, your  Client Success team is your go-to resource.  For specific billing questions, our Billing and Operations team are your main contact.

Continue the conversation!

We often need to get more information from you or follow up on open cases.  If your case has not been completed and your issue resolved, please be sure to get back to our support techs in a timely manner.  Check your spam folder if you are expecting to hear back from us and you do not. 

Take advantage of our Rezfusion Boost Knowledge base

This is the place for all things related to Boost!  Here you will find setup instructions, how-to articles, best practices and trouble-shooting articles.  Rezfusion Boost – Bluetent Insider Knowledge Base – Confluence.

You received a booking failure notification, now what? 

This is not a common occurrence, but there are times when a booking will not be confirmed by your PMS.  When this happens, you want to address it immediately to prevent a double booking and these are the steps you should take: 

  • Block unit/calendar in software if unit is available – so you can save the reservation 
  • If the unit is not available – look for a comparable unit for the guest 
  • Work with OTA to move guest if necessary 
  • And, be sure that the notification emails are going to a monitored email address so you can react quickly.  

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