Client Spotlight – Oceanfront Realty Sets Sail with a Social Media Campaign

By August 22, 2018 Social, Strategy

Increase social engagement with compelling content that builds guest relationships and helps grow your vacation rental business. Explore how Oceanfront Realty Inc. used Facebook advertising to improve brand engagement and increase the number of Facebook followers.


Excel in the ever-changing world of vacation rental management with Bluetent’s team of experts and conversion-based social media strategies that combine the latest trends and tools with a foundation of engagement to target your business goals.



Oceanfront Realty Inc. is a vacation rental company in Kauai, HI and their guests’ best interests are first and foremost. The team had previously advertised properties and occasionally posted real estate news on their Facebook page, but the challenge was keeping up with the posts to ensure that the content was relevant and enticing. 

In order to reach their goals of increasing brand recognition and customer retention, they revamped their strategy to improve social engagement and awareness of their vacation rentals. Oceanfront Realty worked with Bluetent’s Social Media Team to create compelling content and develop a Facebook ad that drove more traffic to their website, along with a Facebook Page Likes Campaign to help them reach a wider audience, increase engagement, and grow their number of followers.


Here is an example of the paid ad that brought an 8.12% click-through-rate and drove more traffic to their website:


Along with the Book Now Ad, Oceanfront Realty also started a Facebook Page Likes Campaign that elevated Facebook Page Followers by 124% and increased Facebook Page Likes to 42,614.


Before running the Page Likes Campaign, their previous content was reaching around 77 people. Here is an example of their content:



Yet, after growing their Facebook audience with Bluetent’s help, their reach for posts increased drastically to 547 people:



Oceanfront Realty started with 344 Page Likes at the end of February when the campaign started, and by August, Page Likes grew to 42,614:



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