Bluetent’s Trail Tip Recap – April

By April 27, 2018Strategy

Enjoy a quick overview of the digital strategy tips provided by our team! Every Thursday we announce a new trail tip on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter!



Trail Tip: Connect with Travelers Through Instagram

Instagram is a beneficial tool for travel brands because it is heavily focused on photography and travelers use it to idealize their trips, plus get a more personal image of your brand. Use Instagram to share content and remind guests why your destination is so enjoyable! Learn more in our webinar on “Why Instagram?”


Trail Tip: Increase Engagement with Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrating each piece of your Paid, Earned, and Owned Media creates quality branding and content in your email newsletters, advertisements, and on your website landing pages and in return, increases engagement and sharing. Dive into the Digital Marketing Trifecta and learn how to perfect an integrated digital marketing strategy.


Trail Tip: Improve Online Bookings and Revenue with Conversion Rates

A VR company that improved their conversion rate from .34% to .35%, just 1/100th of a percent, increased online bookings from 1,700 to 1,750 and consequently increased revenue by $150,000. By developing an eCommerce website focused entirely on optimizing the reservation funnel, how might your online bookings and revenue improve with an enhanced conversion rate? Details in our blog, “The Risk of Undervaluing Your Direct-Booking Vacation Rental Website”.


Trail Tip: Train Your Staff to Inform Incoming Phone Call Leads, Current Guest, and Their Network

Booking direct can be an educational hurdle. Leads and guests may simply not know that booking direct is a better option. Train your staff to inform those they come into contact with of the value propositions when booking directly with you. Additional tips in our white paper.