Bluetent’s Trail Tip Recap – September

By October 15, 2018 Strategy

Exceed your business goals with 4 digital marketing tactics from Bluetent’s September Trail Tips. Plus, adopt new marketing strategies every Thursday.

Trail Tip: Optimize Your Mobile Booking Experience

Is your mobile site turning travelers away? Mobile transactions are more common and travelers are likely to book on mobile if the sites are secure. Don’t miss the revenue opportunity! Make sure that your mobile site can seamlessly and securely accept payments. Dive into this topic from tnooz and connect with our team to optimize your mobile site.


Trail Tip: Focus Your Marketing and Advertising Efforts with Google Analytics

Dive into your website performance and understand where your traffic is coming from, how visitors land on your site, and use the data to focus on effective marketing and advertising efforts. Google Analytics is a robust tool that can help VRMs make data-driven decisions to drive conversions. Connect with our digital specialists to learn more.


Trail Tip: Retarget Travelers with a Tailor-Made Ad

Through Facebook’s pixel tracking you can retarget a tailor-made ad for each person who has viewed properties on your website. Your brand and properties will be in front of the traveler the next time they sign into Facebook. Connect with our Social Team to learn more about ads and pixel tracking.


Trail Tip: Rise Up From Negative Reviews

While it stings at first, a negative review provides the opportunity to make a positive change and turn around impressions. Open up the conversation by responding to a guest’s concern. It demonstrates that you care about their experience and meeting expectations. Check out more tips on managing negative reviews in the blog from Marketing Land.